Swim Lessons

Levels 1 & 2

  • Get wet, wash face, climb in and out of pool, walk alone in shallow, blow bubbles, face in water, hold breathe, front and back float with help, front and back float with kick, use kick board, jump in with help, and safety skills, and pool rules.

Level 3

  • Enter and exit pool, bob, hold breathe, front and back float with kick, back float alone, streamline front and back, tread, front crawl with breathing, kneeling dive, underwater swim,  elementary back arms and legs, safety skills, and breaststroke kick.

Level 4

  • Turn over, freestyle 25 yards, elementary backstroke 10 yards, breaststroke arms and kick, scissors kick 10 yards, tread 2 minutes, survival float 3 minutes, standing front dive, and flutter kick 10 yards.
Session Dates
1 June 5th-June 23rd
2 June 26th-July 14th
3 July 17th-Aug. 4th
Swimmer Level Cost
1-4 $90

Levels 1 – 4    M-W-F





**Make checks payable to The Northside K of C.