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Our Ballroom has the event space available to seat up to 350. There is a stage and dance area. The room has a separate entrance as well as video projectors and a private bar. This would be an excellent Indianapolis Venue for a wedding reception, large anniversary party, fundraiser, business conference, or banquet.

Key Facts

  • Price: Sunday- Thursday $650, Saturday & Sunday $950
  • Size: 60’ x 90’
  • Max. Capacity: 350
  • Special Considerations: Stage, Dance area, Separate Entrance, Video Projectors, and Private Bar
Configuration Capacity
Banquet Style: Used at functions that include food, large round tables seat 8-10 people.


Cocktail Style: Limited seating, mainly used for pre-dinner drinks, mingling and socializing.


Theater Style: Best way to maximize seating capacity, with rows of seating and no tables.


Classroom Style: Tables and chairs organized in rows, similar fashion to a school room.