Knights of Columbus – Council 3433

The Knights of Columbus is the world’s largest Catholic family fraternal service organization with 1.8 million members. It provides members and their families with volunteer opportunities in service to the Catholic Church, their communities, families, and young people. Embodying the mission of the Knights of Columbus and it’s dedication  to the community through Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism, the council has been located at it’s banquet, restaurant, and catering facilities at 2100 East 71st Street, Indianapolis, IN 46220, since it was built in 1962.  The council prides itself on maintaining a strong presence in the Northside community through its philanthropic pursuits supporting community charities, both catholic and non-catholic charities alike.

A Brief History of St. Pius X

Council #3433 Knights of Columbus

Our Council was instituted on July 1, 1951, with a First Degree exemplification and installation of Officers at the downtown Council #437. In attendance were the officers from Our Lady of Fatima Council #3228. Later that day, the celebration continued with a dinner at the Marriott Hotel where the State Officers introduced Jim Rocap as the first Grand Knight.

Early meetings convened at the Chicken Koop Restaurant & Meeting Rooms at 65th & Keystone Avenue. The Council bulletin, the “Communicant,” was published for the first time on December 3, 1951

In February 1953, the Council purchased 40+ acres of property at the Northwest corner of 71st Street and Keystone Avenue. The facility, known as the Anglers Club, included three lakes that operated as a fishing spot to generate extra revenue. The Keystone Columbus Corporation was organized at this time to facilitate the land purchase and manage the ongoing operations.

The Women’s Guild was founded in 1953. These ladies held fundraising activities to support the Council and, because of their efforts, donated many amenities to our clubhouse.

In 1957, the membership reached 500 brothers, which necessitated an $8,000 addition to the old clubhouse on the hill. This additional space allowed us to begin serving Friday Night Dinners the following year. The new clubhouse contained a bar, an auditorium for serving meals, a card room, as well as the Council room.

1959 witnessed the beginning plans for our current Council building. This building effort was greatly advanced by the mortgage burning, February 1960, for the original land purchase. The new facility was partially paid for by the State of Indiana Highway Department in return for land we donated to facilitate the widening of Keystone Avenue. Groundbreaking ceremonies for the new Council building were held on October 1, 1961, following the Columbus Day Parade.

The new building was dedicated in May of 1962, with an Open House for the members and their wives. The Women’s Guild hosted a card party and style show which generated sufficient funds to purchase the statue of St. Pius X, which graces our council meetings today. Guy Lombardo’s orchestra played for the Council’s Dedication Dance.

The game room was enlarged in 1967 to provide more space for the card games and the new pool tables.

The swimming pool opened in 1970 and was dedicated to the late Grand Knight, Ed Bradley. Over 350 families enjoyed this facility. It was refurbished to its current configuration in 1997.

During the 1970’s, the Council instituted the Extra Mile Award, which recognized a driver in the Indianapolis 500 who exemplified ‘Sportsmanship and Perseverance’. It was expanded in 1972 with a Beef Stew dinner, hosted for the award recipient, who joined us for the evening. Wally Dallenbbach was our first guest, along with his wife Pepper. Other drivers who have joined us for an evening include: Tome Sneva, Johnny Rutherford, and Pancho Carter. Tony Hulman of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and Vice President Al Bloemker, were instrumental in supporting our program. We also entertained the Citizenship Award winners from Gibault School for Boys, in Terre Haute.

A generous team of our brothers began the current bingo games in the 1980’s. This weekly event has attracted many new customers to our facility. Also, their tireless work has supported many of our Council’s philanthropic endeavors.

Another renovation of the facility was completed in 2007.  This renovation provided a facelift to our existing banquet hall in order to keep our banquet facilities up to date and in a position to serve the wide variety of needs presented by our various guests.  This renovation was made possible through the tireless efforts of the realty board management and the generous donations of our members.  In order to maintain this updated facility and continue our mission to serve our members and their families, the club became non-smoking in 2008.  The shift to a non-smoking facility reflects nationwide trends and contributes to a healthier environment for our guests, staff, members, and their families.




Officer Title
Kevin Hahn Grand Knight
Fr. Robert Van Hausladen Chaplain
Tim Duffy Deputy Grand Knight
Bill Eubanks Chancellor
Charlie Fadale Financial Secretary
Bill Akin Treasurer
Tom Clark Advocate
Mike Jones Warden
Bill Beckman, Jr  Inside Guard
Eric Smith  Outside Guard
Matt Buehler, PGK Lecturer
Bill Kurker  3rd Year Trustee
Al Hirt, PGK 2nd Year Trustee
Dany Laycock, PGK  1st Year Trustee

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