Club History

The Northside K of C Club was founded in 1961 when members purchased the land near 71st and and Keystone Avenue, a gravel road at the time.  Purchased as a fishing and game club, the facility maintains its picturesque view as it sits within 25 acres of beautifully wooded land with 11 acres of fresh water lakes seving as its backdrop.

The current Clubhouse was dedicated on May 21, 1962 with the famous Guy Lombardo on-hand for the evenings entertainment.  Solid financial planning and dedicated members enabled the club to pay off the mortgage in 1970, thus allowing for unlimited growth and financial stability.

The Northside K of C has maintained its pace despite growth and dining competition.  In fact during this time frequent visitors included Tony Hulman, Frank McKinney, Bob Welch and many other community leaders.

The Club held and continues to hold many fundraising activities that support Indianapolis area non-profit entities including: Bishop Chatard High School, Cathedral High School, local parishes, Little Sisters of the Poor, and St. Vincent De Paul.

The vision of the future is here as vast improvements continue on.  The magnificent swimming pool has been our most current improvement, but not the last.

The Northside K of C Club has the ability to go wherever the membership wishes to take it. Come share in our promising future today!